our bleu just got famous

O.k now it isn't famous in the true sense but it is getting noticed. Joel took our cheese to be tasted by a couple of guys in the restaurant biz who heard about our cheese biz. He begrudgingly took it in one night without much confidence since it didn't turn out exactly how he wanted but knowing it was a good opportunity he headed over. They tried it, loved it and by the end of the night all the customers had sampled our Bleu. People were coming up to him to shake his hand, "keep up the good work", and so on. Joel even noticed a guy moving closer and closer to his table until they finally asked if he would like to try it, "Sure why not." Now we all know Joel is a great story teller so he went on to explain why our Bleu cheese is so unique. He let them know that this cheese is a true product of it's environment. The milk is from Mt. Pleasant and they are grass fed and hormone free cows and there are about 6 different cows that give it the unique flavor and golden color. Also, Utah weather isn't like France or even California, it's Utah... which is a desert- thus a hard bleu cheese is created not a soft Roquefort style. Well Joel sat back the rest of the night listening to his story being re-told over and over as the guys introduced the product. It was exactly what he needed, to see that this was a rad & unique product that he could be proud of. They loved it so much that they took what was left, asked for more and have since put it on their cheese plate to sell. Yes, it brought a little tear to my eye when I heard the news. Not to mention when I was there for spring break I overheard a group order the cheese plate and the guys gave us props on the cheese they were eating. Progress is a good feeling even if it's just baby steps. The guys now are now taking dibs on what ever we make from now on and they will be following the newest addition to their family... What's Her Name (or as I like to call her Mt. Pleasant Gold) they will be watching her age and get mature and soon enough it will be on a plate near you! (If you live near Costa Mesa, CA)


  1. AAAAAAHHHHHHH that is SO AWESOME!! I'm getting goose bumps!!!! That is the best news EVER! I can just picture Joel telling all about your cheese and getting everyone jazzed about it! SO COOL!! Congratulations!

  2. that's fantastic...who knew cheese could be so exciting!?! But I'm sitting here on pins and needles and I read your story.

  3. Hip hop hurray for following your Dreams! Don't stop now!