gracie's triplets

I will let the photos speak for themselves.
These are my neighbors Icelandic sheep. They have 3 ewe's; Ivory gave birth 2 days ago with 2 white rams. Gracie gave birth today to a black ram, a white female & a spotted female. We are still awaiting the arrival of Leah's lambs so hopefully any day now, she really looks miserable... maybe its my sympathy pangs from being pregnant feeling for her.


  1. they are so stinkin' cute! i bet rob will let us have one! i want one!

  2. Ok! They are selling them... $150.00 and she thinks they are the best animal, easy going kids can play with them etc. But she does suggest having 2, they get very lonely.

  3. Sweetness! Look at those little legs running! Thank you for sharing~ I am in lamby bliss right now as well (lambing & photo collecting) and those little long haired beauties are divine!

    I hope to see you around soon~ the weather is getting warmer!