queso joelo from start to finish

We have been working on perfecting a recipe, "Queso Joelo". It is very hard to find good recipes because no one wants to give them away which I understand completely. This makes it hard for beginners like us since we are blindly making cheese and "hoping" it will turn out. Anyhoo, Joel came up with a great queso fresco recipe and we made it this week. Here are the highlights:

*Bring milk up to temperature 86 degrees and let sit for 2 hours.

*Add rennet and stir till curdling starts.

*It's ready when curds pull together. 1 hour.

*Drain curds and whey

*Add salt and mix well.

*Add any additional mix-in's. Cilantro & Jalapeno

*Put into molds and let drain for 4-8 hours.

*The longer it drains the more moisture released.
This sat for 6 hours.

*And yes, we fried it and it... "tastes like the celestial kingdom".

*And finally Kelly, our first sale. $4.00/container. THANKS KELLY!


  1. Me-o love-o some-o queso joelo

  2. Yum-o. $4 is pretty darn cheap. If you are charging by the hour that piece of cheese should cost like $200.