first christmas at home

Off we went to spend Christmas at our cute pioneer home in Manti. The kids had a blast playing in the winter wonderland. They enjoyed watching the snowflakes fall, they enjoyed getting up each morning to see the new deer tracks and poop in the yard. So many new experiences to make it memorable. Joel was feverishly addicted to getting our back sidewalk clear of ice, it took almost 4 days to get it finished. We had so much fun being in our new old home. I had to stay an extra week in order to attend the first meeting of the Rocky Mountain Dairy Sheep association so I took it upon myself to paint a few rooms while I was all by myself, with no one around, no T.V., no internet... nothing, just empty house; I listened to A LOT of Rancid. There is so much satisfaction when you finally get to do fun things with your own house. It was a great trip.


  1. actually, she wasn't completely alone. She called her mom (me) and I drove from slc to Manti sat. afternoon.
    she sounded really alone and needed some company. I thought that her family had been gone for two days but come to find out it had only been 2 hours! Dinner, girl talk and a sleepover. What a fun weekend. I love you Rachel. Love, Mom

  2. how about some feta, cheddar or swiss? how is the flavor diffrent between goat cheese and sheep cheese?