industry people we met

Dale Peel was the first person we visited while in Utah. He lives about 25 minutes away from us in Mt. Pleasant, where I happened to grow up. He has the variety of sheep we want, Lacaune and East Friesian. What a fun bunch of sheep. They weren't too friendly but we all got along just fine. Dale is a custom wood worker and has a great interest in making sheep's milk cheese. He will hopefully be starting the milking process within the next few years. He will be a major player on our team.
Lamar (Ruggie) Dyches of Moroni, Utah is a great guy and he owns another breed of sheep we'd like to work with, the Polypay. Ruggie gave us valuable information when it comes to this breed and not to mention he sheers sheep too, $3 a head for those who are interested. He seems real intrigued in milking sheep so maybe we can get him on board too.
Linda Nielson is our realtor and she is super helpful when it comes to the land and business side of things. We met with her and looked at several properties hoping something will pop up that serves our needs. She has a great little shop on Main St. in Manti so go in and visit her, I sent her some of my crafts to sell so definitely stop in.
Shannon Miller was my last stop, she is brilliant at fixing up old homes. She and her husband have worked on 2 homes in Manti and they are a valuable resource for us. She also is very business savvy and was very helpful in understanding grants and loans for woman owned businesses. She is going to be a very good friend.

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