nursery gets a makeover

With the loss of the bikes Joel felt a void in his heart and garage. Since we made some money from the bikes we decided to only use it for cheese, hence the name "cheesemoney". He knew he was completely ready now to begin filling both heart and garage with cheese stuff. "I have been looking online and I found a cheese making kit- I need to buy, I have to start making cheese." The following week, "Hey Rach, I need to buy a mini-fridge, I have to age the cheese at 55 degrees and 85% humidity so we can't use the one in the kitchen." Our Friday night date nights were all centered around cheese for weeks and weeks. Sears was our go to place where we found most of our supplies. "Hey do you know where I can get a thermometer and a hygrometer (to measure humidity)?" Once we had everything set up in the garage and working properly we moved on to the next purchases. "Here is a list of supplies we need; a 20 quart stock pot, utensils, bamboo mats and cheesecloth." Now when you walk into a store and buy 10 packages of bamboo mats the question always comes up, "Oh are you taking a sushi class?" "No we are making cheese". 99.9% of the reactions are "What! Really! You can make cheese!?" It's pretty fun to see people's reaction and what we find is everyone loves cheese and really wants us to succeed, not to mention they'd be really happy to test our products. I have a feeling we are going to have to start being more social in order to get our product out there, which is hard for us since we are the opposite of social. You can find Joel sitting in a beach chair tending to his cheese more than hanging out with friends. "Babe- I need to order a cheese trier. I LOVE making cheese!!"

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