I've - got - a - plan....

Joel is what we call a... nerd. He does in depth research on the most unusual things like the social organization of ant hills, or comparing the writings of Emerson and Nietzsche, or the philosophical problems with teleportation. So when interest piqued in Roquefort bleu cheese, he found something that caught his eye... it is traditionally made with sheep's milk. Joel has always been a great provider but living in Huntington Beach was never a good fit for him, he always felt he was a man without a home. Every year as we vacationed in Sanpete County we felt the hills calling us. We loved the old homes and the laid back feel of a small town and it certainly helps that both our families live there. He knows this is what he wants but he doesn't want to be financially stuck in a place were jobs are scarce. While researching the geological layout, water rights and weather patterns of Manti and the county he knew he could farm and he knows that sheep are very popular to raise for meat but we need a twist. He came to the logical conclusion of cheese making with sheep's milk rather than the well established cows milk. Having this priceless piece of information is what is sending him spiraling out of control, neck deep, into everything sheep. He has found all the health benefits, the sheep cheese recipes and how the U.S. imports millions of dollars worth of sheep products every year. All of a sudden we know more about sheep than we ever thought possible. He keeps me up to date with his information as it comes in and together we are realizing that since no one has heard of this yet, it just might be the ticket.

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