i want a farm

Joel and his brother have discussed on many occasions the need for a family farm. The question was where? Joel has family that lives in Manti, Utah and he spent nearly every summer there growing up helping the family build and remodel their home. I, on the other hand, lived about 20 miles away from Manti in a small town called Mt. Pleasant. I lived there till I was about 9. Since we both have family nearby, we feel very comfortable there, almost like a second home. We were married in Manti and feel as though it has been calling us for a long time. Joel's ancestors moved near by and helped build the Manti temple. His great, great, great grandfather put the main doors on the temple upon completion. My great, great, great grandfather Edwin Whiting came across the plains with a man named John Lowry (you'll hear more about Mr. Lowry in the future) and together they settled Manti. My g-g-g-grandfather first lived in a cave dugout in the side of the mountain where the temple now stands. We always knew we would move there some day, it was just a matter of when and what would we do for a living. Joel was doing his research into farming he found that this all just might work, in Manti, Utah.

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