fence building... PARTY!

It's been a while since my last post but it's been a busy month. It was my birthday and I wanted to throw myself a "fence building party".
That's right folks, It's a wonderful way to get people to come help, guilt is your best weapon in this instance. There are so many people to thank but it was seriously amazing! We had 80 feet of fence to build and we started at 11am. Now what needs to be known is that the weather was predicting snow all Friday and Saturday. Knowing this I decided to have a guy come and cement the posts for me, something I didn't want to do by myself. Well, it didn't snow at all on Friday and flurried just a bit int he morning on Saturday. Everyone showed up at the same time and we gathered everything needed. It was a little discombobulated at first but once everyone had a job it was just plain magical to watch. All 12 of us working together non-stop and it only took 3 hours almost to the minute. It couldn't have gone anymore perfect and everyone was pretty proud of what we accomplished. It was a perfect day, lots of fun and I even shed some tears as I thanked everyone for helping. One step closer to getting our house the way it used to be. This is going to be a good year as we see it come together not only for us but for the business, it's all part of the image we want to carry... quaint & country.


  1. Who's that really tall guy? He's pretty cute.

  2. I have to admit that I liked your blue cheese. I have been snacking on the piece I brought home and I think that it is tasting even better and definitely blue cheesy. I should have taken some more.

  3. sorry we couldn't make it! glad it got done though, it looks great!

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