fence building party continued.

Our fence building party must continue on. This time we only had the kids and Joel & I to complete it. Oh, and Joel got there Friday at 10pm and left Sunday at noon. I was very nervous we wouldn't be able to finish it with only us 2 but with a bit of help from the kids moving wood and Jake manning the drill we were able to finish the whole thing, minus the gates. Compared to the first fence party, that one took 12 of us 3 hours to build 80ft of fence. This one took 3 of us 12 hours to build 190 ft of fence. The odds were not in our favor but Joel was a man on a mission and once we got a good system down we accomplished our goal. It was a fun experience for Joel and I to have a plan, get all the supplies, make the crazy drive and finish it by ourselves. We had a great time together creating something for our cute house. Slowly but surely it is coming together and with only one smashed finger (mine:). Weather was so cold, our fingers were numb same with our feet and after the first day we were so incredibly worn out. But again, it was totally worth it and even if it took Joel 8.5 hours to drive from Vegas home (usually a 3.5 hour drive) I know it was worth it to him... right babe?


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