bleu boy makes his first appearance

We decided to break into bleu boy as a thank you to those who came to help build the fence and yes it's scary trying something new with a big crowd. I slowly cut into him and boy was he firm! I aged him for 3-4 months so it is very exciting and nerve racking to see what we got. Everyone was eager to try it and as always we learned a few things; one: It was very hard, almost like a Parmesan cheese, very crumbly and dry. Two: The bleu didn't travel down to the center where I poked the holes it stayed close to the surface. Even though we knew we wanted to change the recipe and several of the techniques as soon as it was made and as I watched the aging process we decided on a few other changes to make... we know better what to do next time. This is all part of the learning process and it will be exciting to try it again. Taste wise it was very interesting, not a very strong bleu flavor but what you feel is the numbing effect that a good bleu produces. I really liked this batch, it is like nothing I have ever seen, a hard bleu, and though it's a mild flavor it has a really strong after taste that is delightful. People who don't normally like bleu really loved it and people who love bleu also really loved it. I think it was a success, Joel on the other hand, isn't too happy with it since it wasn't anything like what we were going for. Needless to say it's still ALWAYS a hit.

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